Hadad Bros Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup with Italia Design- Judaica Wine Goblet (Medium)

Brand: Hadad Bros.
Hadad Bros Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup with Italia Design- Judaica Wine Goblet (Medium)

Silver Care

Caring for your Gifts By Gilda Silver Items

Silver, a gorgeous precious metal, symbolizes eternity, purity, and tradition. It enhances every room and adds a timeless beauty to the decor. To preserve its brilliance and magnificent, it is important to care for it correctly and constantly.

General Instructions

Do not clean silver products with harsh cloths or any other materials that may scratch the product.

Do not apply force when cleaning. Pay particularly close attention with products such as menorahs or candleholders

To preserve the gold plating on relevant products, do not clean the gold plated areas with silver cleaning agents. These areas should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth one

Do not expose silver products to sources of heat or cold

Wax may be removed from the silver using hot water

Routine Cleaning to Maintain Shine

Gently polish silver products every two weeks, using a soft dry cloth. This polishing prevents tarnishing and maintains a clean, shiny appearance.

Cleaning After Use

Rinse the product right after use, especially it it has come in contact with vinegar, lemon, wine, or salt. After rinsing, wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Use a deep cleansing agent according to the instructions on the product

  • .925 silver wine goblet with Italia design
  • Judaic Kiddush cup perfect for Friday Night, Saturday, Holiday, Passover, and Seder use
  • Magnificent sterling silver wine goblet measures 3.5 inches tall with a 2.5 inch diameter. Holds 6 ounces and weighs 108 grams.
  • Hadad Brothers is a world-renowned silver company established in Bnei Brak, Israel in 1964. Their sterling silver Judaica items are of excellent quality and superior craftsmanship.
  • Gifts by Gilda has been dealing in sterling silver Judaica and gift items since 1984. As a well-established store, we offer the finest selection and widest array of giftware.

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