Ner Mitzvah Reusable Metal Candlestick Liners and Drip Guards - Medium Nickel Plated Candle Holder Protector Bobeches - Silver - 2 Pack

Brand: Ner Mitzvah
Ner Mitzvah Reusable Metal Candlestick Liners and Drip Guards - Medium Nickel Plated Candle Holder Protector Bobeches - Silver - 2 Pack


Bask in warm candlelight without leaving behind a mess of melted wax. These Reusable Metal Candle Holders by Ner Mitzvah hold your candles sturdy and straight, catching any wax as it drips leaving behind little, if any, wax residue to clean after use. Any residual wax is caught by these drip guards, protecting your precious crystal, silver or gold candlesticks.

While protecting your beloved candelabras from wax, these Reusable Metal Candle Holders also blend in beautifully. A step above disposable aluminum foil bobeches, these nickel-plated drip guards feature a smooth, shiny surface with a rimmed lip in an elegant silver tone that complements your decor.

Ner Mitzvah’s Reusable Metal Candle Holders fit most standard-sized candle holders and accommodate candles of varying widths, from slim tapers to wider Shabbat candles.


Reusable Metal Candle Holders
Shiny Silver Finish
2 Pack
One Size Fits Most


Whichever type of candle you kindle, these Reusable Metal Candle Holders by Ner Mitzvah save you time and energy while making cleanup a breeze!

Use them for religious, celebratory, outdoor, or emergency purposes alike:

- Shabbos & Yom Tov Candlesticks
- Church & Baptism Ceremonies
- Candlelight Vigils
- Advent Wreath
- Legion of Mary Meetings
- Chandeliers & Candelabras
- Chanuka Menorah
- Kwanzaa Candles
- Decorative Centerpiece for Weddings
- Hold Emergency Candles in Power Outage
- Restaurants & Cafes
- Spas & Yoga Studios
- Outdoor Camping Trips

Try these Disposable Candle Holders today and let Ner Mitzvah light up your life!

  • NO MELTED WAX MESS: Candle drip cups catch each drop of melting wax, protecting your candlesticks, chandeliers, centerpieces and tablecloths for quick cleanup.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Our nickel plated drip protectors radiate a beautiful silver sheen, together with the smooth surface and rimmed lip blending seamlessly into your candle sticks.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: Lightweight yet sturdy drip protectors fit most standard candlesticks & accommodate traditional Shabbos candles as well as larger tapers. 1" high x 2.75" diameter. Fits .78" (20mm) diameter candles.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Whether you kindle Shabbat candles, Advent wreaths, a candlelight vigil in church, Legion of Mary candles or emergency lights, our drip guard liners have you covered!
  • SELF STANDING: Though best when placed in candlesticks and candle holders, these candle holders are self-standing.

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